Rixler Software is excited to announce that it has introduced a new pricing system. Now full versions of its products are available at a price that you can suggest yourself.


We all still remember the recent event related to a famous group Radiohead when musicians allowed their fans to purchase their new album at a price which they could define themselves or even freely download the tunes. The feedback was so great that the sales of the new album surpassed the total profit of all their earlier releases. The idea of letting customers define the cost of the purchase inspired Rixler Software to introduce a new way of purchase for its commercially available software. It’s time for users to participate in the price-making process!

The experienced developer, Rixler Software decided to launch the innovative pricing system. It provides users with a great opportunity to become licensed owners of the first-class products with minimal expenses instead of using less convenient freeware and pirated analogues. Though, you still have to pay in order to get the full version of software, the difference is that now it is the user who sets the price for the product he wants to purchase.


The new strategy is a middle ground between DonationWare and Shareware and should help with the problems of both licensing models. As you know, the main drawback of DonationWare is that developers of that software don’t earn enough to work full time developing and supporting their products. This is why such programs are easily outperformed by their Shareware analogues and often lack good technical support. On the other hand, the common problem with Shareware products is that not every user can afford to buy them. As for the new pricing system, it should keep the level of profits close to Shareware and yet let everyone to become a licensed user for the price that one considers reasonable.

This modern strategy leaves no chances to pirated software, since the price of licensed software is no longer a problem. So there is no reason to spend your time browsing insecure websites for keygens and risk to infect your computer with viruses. Should this experiment succeed, it might considerably lower the piracy level among users worldwide as legal software will be so much affordable and easier to acquire. With this offer, every customer can feel the benefits of a legal purchase, like free technical support, updates and much more.

In order to help users estimate the value of a program, the developers showed the recommended price of the products based on their price before the experiment. Still it’s up to users to define the cost. Though this means less income per sold copy, Rixler Software expects to gain some profit. Thanks to the flexible approach to pricing, a significantly larger amount of people evaluating the product will be eager to get the full version and that will result in better sales.

At the moment, it’s too early to measure the effectiveness of the new strategy but Rixler Software is confident about the future success of the project and already plans to expand these ideas. Currently the company tries to involve more developers in the project, so that they can also support the new pricing system. Provided the project meets approval and success, the developers worldwide can accept this pricing system to be a standard for the software market.

This is what the developers of the new pricing system say about their intriguing project – “We put much belief into peoples’ honesty. We think we did a very fair thing by letting users set the price themselves. We wanted to encompass people of the most diverse income and this solution seemed to be the most honest and appropriate. We hope that users will also be honest with themselves when they evaluate the price of our products.”

Please, visit http://www.rixler.com to view more than 20 products that are now available for purchase via the new pricing system. Don’t miss the opportunity to become a licensed user of quality software for the price you like. Build the future of the software market with your hands.