Want to get a more comprehensive view of a business? Balanced Scorecard Designer from AKS-Labs will help you to focus on performance metrics while balancing financial objectives with customer, process and employee perspective for more effective strategy execution.


RALEIGH, NC – April 7, 2008: AKS-Labs today announces Balanced Scorecard Designer 1.6, a major upgrade to the company’s powerful tool for building a balanced score card (BSC) system for a company, department or a sole person, making it easy to go from strategy to action. The latest release contains a special feature for generating reports in the HTML format. These HTML reports where information is represented as data tables and graphs give more clarity to strategy making process than before. The information may include the start and end performance, as well as performance dynamics. If necessary, the user can move from the root of the balanced scorecard tree down to categories and indicators.

The balanced score card is a strategic planning and management system that is used extensively in business and industry, government, and nonprofit organizations worldwide to align business activities to the vision and strategy of the organization, improve internal and external communications, and monitor organization performance against strategic goals.


Balanced Scorecard Designer 1.6 provides a powerful software environment to help you build a strategy tree of your company and connect your strategy with the new solution or goal. For every perspective and goal you can write a note telling what this goal is, how to measure it and what target values you are going to achieve. Then you add a score card, which helps you analyze some solution in terms of your strategy. The tree represents indicators of the balanced score card (also known as KPI), each of which has a set of numerical values. Depending on the specified numerical values and weight of the indicators, the program calculates current progress. The generated balanced score card can then be exported to Excel for further analysis or to the HTML format with diagrams.

A well-written graphic interface of Balanced Scorecard Designer and its reports will help you to visualize indicators for convenient analysis. And the possibility to work with the data spread over time allows managers to analyze success and failures from the history of the company, relying on the indicators, analyze a current situation and plan future goals.

The product is well supported and documented. Its website offers a rich commercial library of metrics, which are available in the proprietary file format and Excel. These metrics have been created based on the results of analyzing the indicators from various areas of business and allow executives or managers to create their own set of indicators, relying on the time-proved indicators that worked well in other companies from the similar business area.

“Our product has been designed as an ad-hoc solution for building balanced score cards,” said Bob Elliott, CIO, AKS-Labs. “As distinct from ERP-class products, it’s more affordable because it doesn’t contain value-added features, such as CRM, helpdesk, sales modules. From the commercial library, the user can buy only those metrics that are needed. Another best thing about the product is a possibility to use it with other business systems.”

Pricing & Availability

Balanced Scorecard Designer 1.6 runs under Microsoft Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP, ME, Vista and requires MS Excel to be installed if the user needs to export to Excel. More information on the product, as well as a free evaluation copy is available from

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