Chris P.C. today announces its release of ChrisTV Online! version 3.05, a modern viewer and recorder of Internet TV and Radio channels with a large and up-to-date streams database.


Most computer users have in ours days broadband Internet connection and also love their favorite TV or Radio programs. More and more of these favorite programs are broadcasted and available on Internet, therefore can be accessed with a program like ChrisTV Online! by a simple search and play from its list of channels.

Media content: ChrisTV Online! comes along with a large collection of Internet TV channels (more than 1800), Radio channels (over 600), Video clips (Video on demand), recordings, live webcams from different location all around the world. The channels are grouped in categories like News, Music, Sports, Movies, Weather, Religion, Education, Shopping etc. The ergonomic graphical user interface allows filtering only those type of media streams you are interested: either online live TV channels or Radio programs, or both, or only recorded programs, also you can filter only broadband streams or modem streams. That makes life easy when looking for a specific type of stream. Having a modern interface, ChrisTV Online! gives the user the choice of selecting a specific view for the collection of streams: they can be grouped either by language, country of origin, category, type or just a plain alphabetical list of all streams.

Key features: ChrisTV Online! plays the Internet TV & Radio streams you select from its channels database.


Recording: One outstanding feature of ChrisTV Online! is that it can record the channel selected by the user in a media file in the specified folder. Of course the user can play the recorded file at a later stage using a common media player.

Favorite channels: You can select the favorite channels from the existing list of ChrisTV Online! channels and add them to your favorites list or further more you can add manually your own stream and URL.

Searching for a specific channel is easy. You can use groupings or filtering of the streams collection or use the search screen which pop-ups at simple press of S key.

Frame display window: One unique feature taken from the best seller product ChrisTV PVR, is the rendering of the stream in a simple frame window, which can be resized and pinned on your desktop. In this way the user can work on his desktop and/or in different workspaces but having his eyes also on its favorite TV show.

Customizing: ChrisTV Online! encourages the user to customize most of the software application: from the look&feel skin, the folder where to save recorded streams, to which window to display on which side, the size of the preview window etc.

Advantages: ChrisTV Online! comes along with large and up-to-date channels database, service for keeping this database updated periodically, has direct links to the TV & Radio channels, no advertisements, no spyware, no malware, give the possibility to add new URLs/streams to your favorites list and also to submit them to Chris P.C., report broken links.

To further more trust the quality and service of ChrisTV Online! is good to know that this is the product which completes Chris P.C.’s successful series of ChrisTV products, among them the bestseller ChrisTV PVR, used to watch and record TV programs with a TV tuner. We have used our experience gained while developing ChrisTV PVR to produce this nice piece of software for Internet TV: ChrisTV Online!

Price & subscriptions: ChrisTV Online! is shareware having a trial period of 14 days with some limitations (cannot update the database while not registered and a limited recording time).
Becoming a registered user either purchasing a Basic Subscription (16 EUR/20 USD) or a Premium Subscription (25 EUR/30 USD) gives you access to the full product, no limitations, periodic updates to the software and the collection of streams (Basic Subscription 1 year updates, Premium Subscription – life time updates).

About the Company Chris P.C. srl: Founded in 2003 by Cristian Ciplea, Chris P.C. developed high quality software for TV tuner watching, recording and tweaking. With ChrisTV Online!, Chris P.C. enlarged its area of expertise to Internet TV & Broadcasting.