Fitosoft announces the release of version 2.1 of ObjectPrint, a smart tool to control printers and print jobs. It provides you with all the means necessary for efficient administration of all printing activity. Using the tool helps you to save much of the printer capacity.


In every office there are usually lots of printers, and anyone can get access to them and print whatever he wants. This often leads to a waste of printers’ resources resulting in excessive costs on paper and toner. To be completely sure that each and every paper is printed out for the right purpose, you should make use of ObjectPrint. It lets you conveniently administrate printing jobs in every possible way turning printers into your loyal servants.

ObjectPrint lets you control printing activity with restrictions and quotas by printer, user, computer and group. It lets you easily define how much a person can print out on particular printers. But that’s just the beginning of what a useful utility ObjectPrint is. You can set additional limits to any object by specifying such parameters as type of a document and size, its title, page count and used color. These settings can vary for different paper sizes, colored or black-and-white print and for two-sided print option. With the use of such precise adjustments, ObjectPrint will be of much help in reducing printing costs authorizing only proper print jobs.


Along with comprehensive management features, ObjectPrint stands out for its simplicity that is reflected in its every aspect. For example, you won’t need to spend time making the list of printers, users and computers for use in the program as ObjectPrint will do it for you, taking this information from Active Directory and Workgroups. Another advantage of ObjectPrint is that it works independently from SQL Server and Access databases. What’s more, the tool provides you with a detailed report and charts on printing activity that can also come in handy. And there’s an additional feature of ObjectPrint that lets you operate with a virtual printer. It allows storing print jobs as raw or vector graphic files at your favor.

ObjectPrint is a must for small and medium-sized companies, schools and organizations alike. It turns print job management into a simple matter that requires small effort while giving spectacular results. The benefits of ObjectPrint will cover expenses on purchasing the tool in a very short time. To see the effectiveness of ObjectPrint, please, try out the free trial version of the product available from http://www.fitosoft.com.

Pricing and Availability: ObjectPrint runs under all versions of Microsoft Windows and costs $59.95 (USD) for a single-server license. Licensed customers are entitled to the fully-functional version of the product, free technical support and free upgrades. Further information on ObjectPrint, as well as a free trial copy is available free of charge from http://www.fitosoft.com.