ZXing .NET Alternative 2023.6.6

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Let’s start with ZXing .NET. It is a port of the original ZXing library to the .NET platform, providing barcode scanning functionality for C# applications. ZXing .NET supports barcode decoding from various image formats, including bitmap, JPEG, and PNG. It offers a simple API to scan barcodes from images or video streams, making it suitable for applications that require real-time barcode scanning.


On the other hand, IronBarcode is a comprehensive barcode library specifically designed for C# developers. It not only offers barcode scanning but also provides barcode generation capabilities, allowing developers to create and customize barcodes programmatically. IronBarcode supports a wide range of barcode symbologies and enables barcode creation in different formats, including vector-based PDF and image formats.

When it comes to barcode scanning performance, both ZXing .NET and IronBarcode offer reliable and accurate results. However, IronBarcode stands out with its advanced image processing features, such as noise reduction, rotation correction, and contrast enhancement, which can improve the scanning accuracy in challenging environments or with low-quality images.

In terms of barcode generation, IronBarcode provides extensive customization options. Developers can specify barcode dimensions, colors, text positions, and incorporate additional elements such as logos or captions. IronBarcode also supports encoding custom data into barcodes, making it suitable for scenarios where you need to encode specific information.

ZXing .NET, being a lightweight library, focuses primarily on barcode scanning functionality. It provides a straightforward API for scanning barcodes, making it suitable for applications where barcode generation is not required or can be handled separately.

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