Alchemy Lab Announces Major Software Upgrade for Asset Tracker for Networks

VANCOUVER, Canada – Feb. 20, 2008 – Alchemy Lab today announces a major software upgrade for Asset Tracker for Networks, making the best assets tracker even better.


It’s important to keep track of your enterprise assets. And it’s also a difficult task to do. Using loosely organized spreadsheets to track all the computers, hardware, software in your organization is marginally effective at best. Something always slips through the cracks, which is a waste of time, money and resources. If you have to plow through piles of purchase orders to figure out who’s using all the new equipment you just received, that should tell you that you need a better process. Asset Tracker for Networks 7.0 is an asset tracking and management system that can help you get a better handle on your technology assets.

The product features Alchemy’s legendary ease of use, which makes getting the entire network profile as easy as a touch of one button. Once the product is installed, network admins can track assets and audit machines immediately without the need to install any client-side software on remote workstations. In less than 15 minutes, the admin can get the detailed profile of the network, including computers, software, printers, routers, and other network devices. To let users get started quickly, there is a friendly interface and a step-by-step asset tracking wizard.


With Asset Tracker for Networks, network admins can always be in the know of how many copies of the software product are installed on the network computers and how many licenses belong to the company. This helps to identify malicious, risky or illegal software. Also, understanding the configuration of the network, the admin can better plan hardware and software upgrades, and quicker help the user who is having problems. But probably the best part of all this is less legwork: admins can control assets from their workplace.

In this release, Alchemy Lab is adding some new features, such as Common Windows folders detection, much faster computer inventory, and the ability to select and copy information from the main window of the program. Unlike the previous release, the upgrade saves computer inventory information after custom editing much faster, its Operating System | Internet and Mail program page now works much quicker as well, and finally the program detects OS version faster than before. Some minor bugs have been fixed too.

Asset Tracker for Networks is a genuine enterprise solution. If you are tired of chasing endless piles of spreadsheets, trying to keep things straight, it can be a big help.
Asset Tracker for Networks 7.0 is available today.

Pricing & Availability: The product starts at $199 (USD) and is available from the Alchemy Lab store ( and resellers worldwide. Licensed customers get future upgrades and technical support for free. Additional information, as well as a free demo version of the product is available from

About Alchemy Lab:Founded in 1999, Alchemy Lab is targeting the market with its asset management and network management software that help corporate customers automate IT tasks. Its products are used by thousands of enterprise customers worldwide. The premier titles include Asset Tracker for Networks, Alchemy Eye, and Remote Control PRO.