There are categories of users that often need more than a standard keyboard and a mouse: support and sales managers, programmers, translators, copywriters, advanced Internet users and many others. These people want to be able to substantially reduce the time necessary for entering standard texts, performing routine operations and running complex macros. They know exactly how they can benefit from doing a lot of things with a single keypress and are still looking for a tool that will make this all happen. If you are one of them or know somebody who matches the description above, there is some good news – a new version of Comfort Keys software is out!


February 20, 2008: Comfort Software Group gladly announces the release of Comfort Keys 3.0, a successor to the popular hotkey management tool. The new version encompasses everything its predecessor had to offer and yet takes its functionality to a new level by presenting several useful features that will be much appreciated by existing and new users of the software. The new version supports new non-standard keyboard types (Ergonomic and Dell Inspiron 6000), speaks two new languages (Hungarian and simplified Chinese), supports gestures with adjustable sensitivity for fast input of capital letters, spaces and other characters, tips on the virtual keyboard, the option of hiding to the system tray and features an enhanced hotkey management window with a full list of hotkeys and new groups.

Comfort Keys is a powerful multifunctional hotkey manager for Windows Vista, XP and 2000. Intended for a wide range of consumers, from novices to demanding power-users, this software provides a surprising level of flexibility in terms of creating custom hotkey combinations and assigning them to a plethora of available actions. Users that require regular input of standard texts (e.g. support managers) will highly appreciate the ability to create custom templates and then paste pre-formatted text with images into the necessary window with a single keypress, thus saving an impressive amount of time every day.


The integrated clipboard manager greatly extends the capabilities of the standard Windows clipboard and allows you to save an unlimited number of copied objects – from Excel spreadsheets to Adobe Photoshop images – in the memory, quickly access them and reuse as many times as you wish. The software also makes sure that your clipboard data are saved in case of a power failure or a hardware crash. The Comfort Keys software also features an advanced task switcher, sound control tools and a virtual keyboard that facilitates the choice and configuration of your hotkey combinations.

Regular users will like the ability of Comfort Keys to quickly switch languages, convert the selected fragment of text into another language or case, run keystroke macros, easily manage window and even restart their computers using the keyboard.

Not only will Comfort Keys drastically improve the efficiency of your day-to-day work, but also greatly decrease the risk of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), which is caused by frequently pressing mouse buttons and switching between the mouse and the keyboard.

Pricing and Availability:Comfort Keys fully supports Windows Vista/2000/XP operating systems and can be purchased both for individual and network use. A personal license costs only $29.95, whereas a multi-user license ranges from $21.95 to $6.95, depending on the number of users/computers. Purchasing a licensed copy of Comfort Keys gives you several advantages, the main ones being immediate software activation, priority technical support and unlimited free updates in the future. The company offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all orders.

More information on Comfort Keys, as well as its free downloadable trial version and FAQ, is available at http://www.comfort-software.com/hotkey-manager.html. Products can be purchased from Plimus, the official reseller of Comfort Software Group products. Major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Amex and Discover) are accepted.

About Comfort Software Group: Comfort Software Group is a privately owned software company. Founded in 2006, Comfort Software Group focuses on producing a wide range of software solutions to help customers, large and small, improve their computing experience and boost the performance of their daily work.

The company is committed to offering quality support to all of its customers and constantly improving its software products in full accordance with their needs.