Enlarge Craft Patterns Precisely, Effortlessly

Patrick Roberts Software has released Rapid Resizer v. 2.6, a Windows
application that makes it easy to enlarge or reduce the size of
patterns, sketches and line drawings. If the resulting pattern is larger
than one printed page, the software will create an image that precisely
tiles the pattern across multiple pages. Rapid Resizer dramatically cuts
the amount of time it takes to resize the patterns used by stained glass
artisans, woodworking enthusiasts, quilters, doll clothing makers,
painters, and sign and banner makers.

Unlike photocopiers or projectors, Rapid Resizer will enlarge any
pattern to the exact size you require. It’s simple to enlarge the size
of a line drawing, without changing the thickness of its lines. The
overall pattern may quadruple in size, but the width of each line
remains the same as it was in the original pattern.


Rapid Resizer can use patterns from a scanner or from the Internet. The
Rapid Resizer web site has pointers to online libraries of patterns that
are available without charge. Simply copy the image, paste it directly
into the software, and resize it to meet your needs.

With one click, you can color each section of your pattern with a solid
color, or with images of glass or wood. The program can number each
pattern piece based on how you colored it. It even estimates the amount
of each type of glass, wood, or other material that you will need to
complete the project.


Whether you’re a fabric artist who does quilting or rug hooking, a wood
artisan who carves or works with a scroll saw, or a painter who needs to
enlarge drawings regularly, Rapid Resizer makes pattern resizing quick
and exact.

Rapid Resizer v. 2.6 runs under Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista, costs
$39.95(US) for a single user license, and may be purchased securely
online from http://www.rapidresizer.com/. The program comes with a
30-day money-back guarantee. You can also download a trial version of
Rapid Resizer from the company’s web site.

For more information, contact Patrick Roberts Software, PO Box 71067,
Burlington ON L7T 4J8, Canada. Phone: (800) 887-5709 Email:
[email protected] Internet: http://www.rapidresizer.com/.