TaskMerlin Organizes Tasks, Notes, and Projects

Interfathom has released TaskMerlin v. 2.0, an intuitive and easy-to-use
Windows application that makes it simple to organize notes and tasks,
and share them with colleagues. Unlike other task managers that lock you
into a fixed format, TaskMerlin offers complete flexibility for naming,
structuring, and viewing your tasks.


With TaskMerlin, it is easy to store, organize, manage, and retrieve
information. This information can be as simple as notes and
appointments, or as complex as multi-person, multi-year projects. You
can track due dates, the person assigned to each task, its priority, and
the time spent working on it. It’s easy to retrieve and display tasks
based on these attributes, or on any text found in the task descriptions.

You can become productive with TaskMerlin in minutes. Create project
folders, and drag and drop tasks into them. Modify status information
and content in place, with no need to navigate menus or open additional
windows. You can even edit multiple tasks at once. There are many
pre-defined task types and status descriptions to choose from, or simply
create your own.

Use the built-in editor to create task information, or copy and paste
text and images. Add hyperlinks to related tasks and to web pages. All
of your information is fully searchable, and you can sort and filter the
information that appears on your screen. Choose from more than 40
columns of information that are built into TaskMerlin. When creating a
new task, its name is the only required field. It’s simple to fill in
additional information when it is convenient.


In the Professional Edition, all users can log into TaskMerlin, and
update the fields that they have been authorized to change. Each user
has their own password, email settings, popup reminders, filter
definitions, and display options.

TaskMerlin supports Getting Things Done (GTD), the workflow methodology
made popular by productivity trainer and consultant David Allen.

Whether you’re a business owner who needs to find a task manager that
you can tailor to your exact needs, a manager who needs to track
deadlines and deliverables with your project team, or a home computer
user who doesn’t ever want to forget another birthday or anniversary,
TaskMerlin has the tools that you need.

TaskMerlin v. 2.0 runs under Windows Vista/XP/2003/2000/Me/98. The
Personal Edition, for use on a single PC, costs $49.95(US). The
Professional Edition, with multi-user simultaneous database access,
costs $99.95 for a single-user license. Multi-user discounts are
available. To learn more about TaskMerlin, or to download the trial
version, visit http://www.taskmerlin.com/. Interfathom, New York, NY.
Email: [email protected]