Fx MPEG Suite: Powerful Movie Editor

Powerful, Easy and Inexpensive


If you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars for a video editing application try this simple, affordable, yet powerful multimedia suite to enhance the quality of your digital movies.

WACO, TX – March 31, 2008 – Fx MPEG Suite fills the need for a user-friendly, budget-friendly collection of video and audio tools for Webmasters, IT professionals, marketing associates or home moviemakers.


With Fx MPEG Suite you can produce digital movies with smart visual effects, music, narration, transitions and credits; combine stock clips, snapshots, home recordings, scanned documents, music, and other digital media.

Fx MPEG Suite combines several popular multimedia tools into a single interface and offers new capabilities for enhancing your movies. Seven buttons give you access to all these powerful tools:

– The Project Editor provides control over the contents and sequence of the clips included in your project as well as the properties of each resource:
– Trim the videos in your project to use only the segment that you need.
– Split a longer movie into smaller clips by setting the start and end, and saving the new clip file.
– Add embedded text, specifying the location, font, style, color and drop shadow colors.
– Merge and resize selected video clips
– Set output video and audio properties.
– Replace or remove audio.
– Save your project to popular formats such as AVI (including MPEG-4), standard MPEG-1, VCD, or MPEG-2 SVCD and DVD.

– The Credits tool enables you to add scrolling text credits, specifying the background, scroll duration and direction, font style, and optional audio.

– The Extract tool permits you to extract the sound track from any movie file as a WAV, MP2, or OGG audio file or to capture movie frames and save them as bitmaps.

– The Transition tool provides a simple interface to create small movies that can be used to insert transition effects such as dissolves, fades and wipes, between clips in your project.

– The SlideShow tool can create movies from still images by importing selected files or entire folders. Output parameters include frame delay, file format and an optional audio track.

– The Edit tool offers you the ability to convert your movies to other formats and enhance your video by increasing or decreasing brightness, changing contrast, sharpening or softening focus, and adjusting color.

– Use the Batch conversion tool if you have many source files to convert to another common movie file format. You can either specify output file names individually, or let the tool automatically append a number to each output file.

Using the Fx MPEG Suite default presets you can easily produce movies that meet standard requirements for distribution via the Web or for burning CDs or DVDs without the need of a complicated user’s manual.

Visit www.fxmpegsuite.com to find out more about Fx MPEG Suite, to download the free 30-day trial or to buy the full version for only $59.95.

About J. Hepple, Incorporated: Doing business as Fx Sound and Magic since 1989, J. Hepple, Inc. (www.jhepple.com) is an independent software development corporation based in Waco, Texas and specializing in multimedia software such as Fx MPEG Suite, Fx Video Converter, Fx Audio Editor, and Fx Magic Music.