Protect Your Images from Unauthorized Internet Distribution

A huge problem for people who want to display original images on the Internet is that anyone who can view the images can steal them. In case you are looking for a solution to avoid such hassles then WinWatermark is possibly among the best choices available. It aims at protecting your images by using visible watermarks and allows you to customize your watermarks in an effective manner that protects your images from copying.


With WinWatermark you can easily add those watermarks to your pictures before publishing them online. The program supports working with a single image as well as processing photos in batches. Watermarks can be either small graphics or text snippets, both of them with many customization options as for their transparency level, location on the picture, size and other elements.

Besides watermarks, WinWatermark also enables you to add a frame to your photos, again just with one picture or working with many of them at the same time. Frames also have a wide range of configuration options to make them look just the way you want. After you apply all the new appearance to your pictures, you will get an artwork rather than a blankness photo.


– Add visible text and image watermarks to your digital images and photos.
– Convert any format images to JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF and TGA formats.
– Make your pictures more beautiful with attractive frames.
– Process all images in batch mode.

WinWatermark is $29.9 shareware. It is available from the WinWatermark web site and all major windows software download sites. You are welcome to download it through our web site at: