Hexagora releases Dynamic HTML Editor 4.1

Create a Professional Web Site in Minutes with Dynamic HTML Editor


Hexagora Software has released Dynamic HTML Editor v. 4.1, a graphical
WYSIWYG web page editor for Windows. Unlike web editors that require you
to learn the technology behind web pages, Dynamic HTML Editor lets you
create your site without writing a single line of code. It’s simple to
create a web site in minutes by simply positioning objects, inserting
images, and typing text.

Dynamic HTML Editor provides a 100 percent “what you see is what you
get” (WYSIWYG) environment, with no need to learn how to program. Use
your mouse and keyboard to create pages that are fully W3C compliant,
and display properly in all web browsers, on all operating systems. You
can create either traditional table-based web pages, or more
contemporary CSS-based pages.


The program includes all of the tools that you need to create a complete
web site. There’s no need to purchase additional image manipulation
software. Dynamic HTML Editor’s built-in image editor lets you rotate
and resize images, create shapes, apply stencils to images, manage
transparency, and apply more than 50 stunning artistic effects to your
photos and drawings. There’s a built-in CSS stylesheet editor and
manager. You can even publish your site to the Internet with a single click.

There’s no need to start with a blank canvas when you design your web
site. Dynamic HTML Editor has a library of templates that you can use.
Alternatively, you can easily import HTML web pages that you’ve
constructed using other web design tools.

Dynamic HTML Editor has all of the tools that you’d expect to find in a
professional web development tool. You can create beautiful menus, use
rollover and rollclick effects, play music in the background, and launch
javascript functions. The program interface is available in English,
German, Italian, French, Spanish, and more than a dozen other languages.

New features in version 4.x include the ability to customize the
generated HTML code for objects, the creation of encrypted PayPal
buttons, a powerful site manager with support for subprojects, a
graphical canvas with graphical menu objects, new graphical shapes,
complete Unicode support, an RSS editor, and a site map generator.

Whether you’re a business person who needs to create impressive web
pages for prospects and customers, or a home user who wants to share
family pictures and stories, or a power user who is tired of working
hard to create beautiful web sites, Dynamic HTML Editor has the tools
that you need.

Dynamic HTML Editor v. 4.1 runs under Windows
95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista, and costs 49.90 EUR (about $69(US)) for
a single-user license. The price includes three months of web hosting
for your new site. For more information, or to download a trial version
of Dynamic HTML Editor, visit http://www.dynamic-html-editor.com/.
Email: [email protected]


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