Maintain your Software Build Process with FinalBuilder

VSoft Technologies has released FinalBuilder v6, a Windows application
that makes it easy for software developers to define and maintain a
reliable and repeatable process to build, test, and release software.
Unlike the batch files, scripts and XML based tools that developers
traditionally use to automate builds, FinalBuilder provides a visual IDE
to make the process of automating builds quick and easy.


The latest version of FinalBuilder includes FinalBuilder Server, a
powerful Continuous Integration Server. FinalBuilder Server provides a
web interface for managing automation projects with FinalBuilder,
allowing the software development team to monitor and control all of
their builds. By centralizing build control, FinalBuilder Server lets
authorized users schedule, start, and stop any build.

FinalBuilder Server lets the management team use a web browser to view
build logs and performance statistics. The program’s build metrics
provide insights into the quality of the builds over the life of the
project. Charts reveal trends in unit test results and compiler errors,
allowing management to discover and address problems as they arise.


FinalBuilder can automate more than 600 functions. Developers can
schedule daily or nightly builds. The program lets you run multiple
tasks in parallel, handle errors, and dynamically change the build flow.
It’s easy to compile applications from source code, compile help files,
and compile setup and installer programs. FinalBuilder works with your
version control system to find, label, and check files in and out, as
well as implement continuous integration. You can create and edit INI
files, and create Windows Registry keys. It’s simple to run automated
testing, FTP files to and from servers, send emails, and post
information on news servers.

FinalBuilder v6’s new features includes support for PowerShell, along
with VBScript and JavaScript, as a FinalBuilder scripting language. The
Action Log is now color-coded to easily identify errors, warnings,
successes, and information. The Action Log is also hierarchical, so
related messages are grouped logically. Other improvements in version 6
include significant performance enhancements, improved output quality,
and action output monitors.

Batch files, scripts and XML based builds are difficult to understand
and maintain, take months to evolve and become reliable, and usually
lack proper error handling. FinalBuilder makes it easy for developers to
manage the build process, without being – or hiring – a build expert. By
automating repetitive and boring tasks, FinalBuilder minimizes human
error, and adds stability to the software development process.

FinalBuilder v6 and FinalBuilder Server run on Windows XP(x86 and 64)/
Server 2003/Vista(x86 and 64). Pricing begins at $299(US) for the
Standard version and $499 for the Professional version. You can download
a fully-functional 30-day trial version from For more information, contact
VSoft Technologies Pty Ltd, P.O. Box 126, Erindale Centre, Canberra, ACT
2903 Australia. Internet: Email:
[email protected] Phone: +61 2 6282 7488.