New Arithmetic Program Boosts Students’ Math Skills

Spectrum’s Edge has released Math Quiz Creator v. 1.5, an easy-to-use
Windows educational program that helps children learn arithmetic. With
Math Quiz Creator, it’s simple for parents and teachers to generate
printable math worksheets and answer keys, to help students six to ten
years of age practice their arithmetic skills.


In addition to challenging kids to learn addition, subtraction,
multiplication, and division, Math Quiz Creator teaches fractions,
comparisons, counting money, and telling time.

Teachers and parents can determine the type of math problem, and the
level of difficulty, for each worksheet. The intuitive interface lets
you become productive in minutes. Because it’s so easy to create
well-targeted quizzes, you can identify and address learning
difficulties early, and solve them quickly.


Math Quiz Creator replaces multiple sets of flash cards and workbooks.
The software makes it easy to generate an unlimited number of quizzes,
each designed to work on the particular skill that is most needed by
your children or students. You can even create worksheets for multiple
arithmetic skills, for a review quiz.

As a learning tool during the school season, Math Quiz Creator generates
problems that are similar to those found on standardized tests. Making
children comfortable with standardized tests can increase their test
scores. During the summer vacation season, kids can keep their
arithmetic skills fresh, and go back to school with an advantage over
their classmates.

Whether you’re a teacher who wants to save time when creating and
grading arithmetic quizzes for your students, a parent who wants to give
your kids an educational edge by providing them with additional math
exercises, or a home schooler who wants to ensure that family members
have strong fundamental math skills, Math Quiz Creator has the tools
that you need.

Math Quiz Creator v. 1.5 runs under Windows Vista/XP/2000/Me/98, costs
$24.95(US) for a single-user license, and may be purchased securely
online at School and district licenses
are available. Math Quiz Creator comes with a 30-day money-back
guarantee. A 15-day trial version is available without charge.

For more information, contact Spectrum’s Edge, Inc., PO Box 68, Mendota,
VA 24270 USA Phone: (800) 315-0493 Email: [email protected]