System Mania: Announcing the new release from Pi Eye Games

July 22, 2008 England – Pi Eye Games, the award-winning developer of Darkside, has announced the arrival of System Mania to a PC near you.


System Mania is a unique time management game in which players help the main character Fiona to build her own business. However, instead of serving cups of tea or selling frocks, Fiona is a techie! In 90 action packed levels, players are challenged to master an array of controls to keep crazy machines running smoothly by quickly turning their red warning lights off. Each machine is made up of various fun and wacky controls such as cranks, pull cords, guitar strings, egg timers, gearsticks and even a TV game system complete with its own joystick. Be quick or the whole thing will go up in smoke!

System Mania Features :


– 90 out of control machines to tame.
– Two game modes and a challenge option.
– A variety of fun controls to try out.
– Loads of bonuses to earn and collect.
– Compelling characters and storyline.
– DirectX based sound and visual FX.

There are bonus coins to collect, awards for excellence, fun upgrades and unexpected events that create surprising twists. As Fiona’s customer base continues to grow through personal recommendations she has to contend with interference from her old boss, Larry Moon from the space agency … let’s hope she can trust him not to push that launch button while she’s fixing the Theoretical Hoover onboard the Mars Orbiter!

Pricing and availability

System Mania requires Microsoft Windows Vista, XP or 2000 and costs $19.95 (USD). In our special offer, a Pi Eye Game worth $14.95 can be chosen for free with every purchase of System Mania. Additional information on System Mania, as well as its free 60 minute trial version, is available from

About Pi Eye Games

Pi EyeGames is an independent casual games development company based in the UK. Since its foundation in 2003, the company has focused on the development of action and puzzle games with innovative design and gameplay. System Mania is the eleventh in our stable of games, though we have developed for publishers too. We recently won the Big Chip award for Game of the North for another Pi Eye title, Darkside.