The Battle of User Interfaces for Pocket PC continues

Touch Shell 3D vs TouchFLO/HTC Touch Diamond & SPB Mobile Shell


Mobilityflow is getting ready to release Touch Shell 3D the component of Touch Commander Suite 4.0 – for Pocket PC Phones. The new product will provide you with the features similar to those of SPB Shell and the famous TouchFLO 3D installed on HTC Touch Diamond.

Touch Shell 3D features:
– Visual effects similar to those of Touchflo 3D on HTC Touch Diamond
– Can show any third-party Today Plugins at the separate page.
– The unique Touch Pop-up Menus
– Compatibility with most devices running under Windows Mobile 5/6 (200 MHz CPUs, QVGA)


The product appeared soon after the release of the famous TouchFLO 3D for HTC Touch Diamond. With Touch Shell 3D, you will be able to experience the ease of use similar to that of TouchFLO 3D. Indeed, why would you take out your stylus every time if you could just use your fingers with the comfortable Touch Pop-up Menus available in almost all applications? You will also be able to enjoy a special visual effect that will give you the impression of a three-dimensional space.

It means that you will be able to experience the visual effects and comfortable control available in TouchFLO 3D on almost any Pocket PC Phone.